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SymbolArt Publishing (a division of SymbolArt by Lydia) is proud to offer the works of this talented dramatist.

Allow at least two weeks for delivery. Actual delivery time may be shorter, but two weeks is realistic since I print the scripts as I receive the orders.

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(Number Eight)
2m, 2w, 1b, 1g
Drama. A Holocaust love story, this play was a 1990 finalist in the Eugene O'Neill National Playwright Competition, a finalist in Camel-Sea, and was optioned (though not produced) by Off Off-Broadway's StageArts. In an unnamed eastern European country in 1939 the Stein family is faced with some very difficult choices. Moshe, a philosophy professor, has already been relieved of his post at the university. He and his wife Leah remain optimists even though the Nazi invasion is imminent. Then, as their closest friends begin to avoid them and soldiers fill the streets, the reality sets in. The family's only way out of the country is in the back of a grocery truck. Their place on the truck is insured when Moshe draws the number eight in a lottery. But some unexpected twists alter the landscape all the way to the end of this intense drama.
(Royalty: $60 first peformance, $40 each subsequent performance)
3m, 5w
Drama. In an economically depressed coal town, Dr. Conchetta "Kita" Roschella-Baker makes a startling discovery while hiking a local mountain trail—a cave with glyphs that look very much like ancient cave drawings. It's the archeological find of the century. Practically overnight, the town is bustling with activity. International network news reporter, Ellen Bethune, is there to cover the story and tourists begin to cause traffic jams in the one main street town. A famous archeologist from William and Mary College authenticates the find when an ancient Phonecian vase is uncovered from the floor of the cave. Hattie's Restaurant goes from almost no business to more than she can handle. The local motel is full for the first time in years. It all seems too good to be true. But is it? Was Kimball really visited by the ancient Phoenicians?
(Royalty: $60 first peformance, $40 each subsequent performance)

1m, 1w
Drama. A lyrical play based on the lives of Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau. Performed without intermission. Though these two literary figures were contemporaries living in the same state, they never actually met. In this play, however, the playwright has brought them together to create a thoughtful, and sometimes very lively, exchange.
$7 .00 (Royalty: $60 first performance, $40 each subsequent performance.)

3m, 5w
Comedy. Unemployed coal miner Tom Woolwine wonders, "how far will a person go when he's got nowhere to go?" Reluctant to leave his family home after years of odd jobs and no stable employment, Tom decides to start a family business in the only profession he knows always has business—undertaking. Since he has absolutely no experience as a mortician, his and his family's efforts result in one hilarious—and poignant—moment after another.
(Royalty: $60 first performance, $40 each subsequent performance.)
4m, 5w
Drama. The Lizzie Borden legend. On a hot August morning in 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found hacked to death in their Fall River, Massachusetts home. Andrew's daughter, Lizzie was charged and tried for the crime. This play is a fictional examination of the three days leading up to the murders and the subsequent trial. Historical notations are provided throughout this script.
(Royalty: $60 first performance, $40 each subsequent performance)
2m, 6w
Comedy. See the Samuel French, Inc. catalog for details.
Catalog #14932
Online at
All production rights for this play are controlled exclusively by Samuel French, Inc.

Samuel French, Inc.
45 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10010-2751
(212) 206-8990
2m, 5w
Drama. When network news reporter Ellen Bethune learns she has breast cancer her reaction is untypically irrational. She retreats to a small town in the rural West Virginia mountains to be alone with her fears. However, she soon finds that isolation is not an option in this place where neighbors take care of neighbors, no matter unpleasant their personalities might be. One plants blue morning glories for her, another teaches her to plant her own vegetable garden, and another shows her that love and wisdom can be expressed without speaking. In turn, she's shares her talent for painting with them. She quickly learns that mountain people are not at all what she expected, and she is soon absorbed into the community. But she never shares her secret until an emotional confrontation with Lotte, the only member of the community who has never been friendly to her. By the time the morning glories have bloomed, Ellen's judgment has, too, and she realizes what she must do. This play is often followed with educational discussions.
(Royalty: $60 first peformance, $40 each subsequent performance)

Other titles to be released in the near future:

OF FRECKLED HUMAN NATURE: Miss Emily on Miss Emily
One Act
Drama. Alone in her room near the end of her life, Emily Dickinson ponders love, marriage, art, her father, her brother's extramarital affair, and death. Fans of Emily Dickinson will love this representation. Those who are unfamiliar with her work will be pleasantly surprised. A very literary piece. One act.
(Royalty: $35 first performance, $25 each subsequent performance)
minimum 2m, 2w
One Act
Comedy. by Jean Battlo and Alma Bennett. This piece is designed as an entertaining and educational introduction to Shakepeare. Scenes from 'Romeo and Juliet,' 'As You Like It,' 'The Taming of the Shrew,' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' are introduced by the Bard, himself. That is, once he gets rid a stuffy professor. It can be performed by as few as 4 or as many as 10 players. One act.
(Royalty: $25 first performance, $25 each subsequent performance)


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