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Books by Jean Battlo

PICTORIAL HISTORY OF MCDOWELL COUNTY 1858-1958 From Rural Farms to Coal Empire - Category: Regional History
ISBN: 0-87012-692-XPublished: 2003 $45.00 A comprehensive pictorial history of McDowell County, West Virginia. Contains over 900 photos including photographs of the ravaging floods of 2001-2002. (This is an 8.5 x 11 inch book. Due to the weight of this book total shipping charges are $8.00 for first copy; $4.00 for each additional copy.)

McClain Printing Co. 2003 ISBN 0-87012-692-X
Paperback.      $45.00

THE MAHOTEP SYNOD In 1958 the janitor of the elementary school in the mountain coal town of Kimball is found brutally murdered. George Mahotep was not a native of the area and his background was a mystery. To a town where violent crime was virtually unknown, Mahotep's murder only added to the mystery. A group of gifted children who had befriended George never stop their search for his murderer. They call themselves the Mahotep Synod. Twenty-two years after the murder, after all have gone in different directions in their professional lives, they regroup in Kimball to solve the crime.

McClain Printing Co. 2002 ISBN 0-87012-673-3
Paperback.        $15.95

APPALACHIAN GOTHIC TALES Six short stories, five of which are set in southern West Virginia, encompassing the genres of science fiction, metamorphosis, fantasy and horror.

McClain Printing Co. 1997 ISBN 0-87012-577-X
Paperback.        $12.00

A history of the region from the 1700s frontier era through 1929. Includes an exhaustive study of the years between 1895 and 1929 during boom of the coal industry.

McClain Printing Co. 1998. ISBN 0-87012-579-6
Hardback.        $45.00

A lyrical reflection on the developing Christ-consciousness in the life of Jesus Christ, exploring the question: Was Jesus born believing himself the messiah or did he come to that knowledge through prayer and experience?

Mountain State Press. 1996 ISBN 0-941092-28-3
Paperback.        Available at


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