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If you are an educator or corporate trainer working with adult learners, you know how important a professional look can be when it comes to instructional or presentational materials. Gone are the days when you could get away with handouts that look like speckled copies of copies of copies. (As if good trainers ever used those!) To impress professionals, your teaching materials have to look professional as well.

The same holds true for the materials you use for making presentations to clients and to educate the public about your services.

SymbolArt can prepare your educational materials in a usable and attractive format. It doesn't matter whether you need loose-leaf pages for a training manual or a bound workbook, a brochure, or a simple handout, SymbolArt can produce the original pages for you to photocopy at will, or create printed and bound copies for a polished and professional look.

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In print or on-line. Contact me for more details.

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