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SymbolArt's Mission

is to help other small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals succeed by providing quality print, preprint, and web publication services that support and enhance their goals.

As a sole proprietorship, I understand the need to keep costs at a minimum. I work very hard to keep clients' costs down without compromising quality. I have experience with corporate, not-for-profit and local governmental groups in varous capacities which gives me a good understanding of the unique needs of each. (See resumé for details.)

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Integrated Services

SymbolArt services include

Desktop Publishing
  • preprint layout and design
  • brochures, programs
  • letterhead, business cards
  • booklets
  • services for authors who wish to self-publish
Web Design
  • specializing in websites for small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals
  • hosting solutions to fit your budget
  • website management
Supporting services for Desktop Publishing and Web Design
  • graphic design (including logo design)
  • copyediting
  • original art and illustration
Fine Art
  • symbolic portraits using Native American and Celtic animal symbols
  • pet portraits
  • more

How are these services "integrated"?

Any of the services listed above may be done independently or in some combination. For instance...
  • You may need a printed resume to mail to potential employers, and you may also need that resume on a web page so that you can send the link to potential employers by e-mail. I can do both for you. I can print up to 100 copies, or I can prepare a camera ready copy for mass production.
  • Very often you don't need a logo all by itself. You need a logo that will go on a brochure or a business card. You'll hand those to potential customers and clients, but there's probably more to your business than the little you can put in a brochure or on a card. And what if you can't afford a full-color brochure to display your work, your business location or a photo of yourself? You need a web presence as well. That way you can keep customers and potential customers aware of the most important information as soon as it's available.
  • Your group may need a poster, a program booklet AND a billboard design for a special event. The design dimensions are very different for these, but having the same designer do them all saves time and makes the look and feel of the project consistent.
  • If you are an author who wants to self-publish, I can provide the print set up and the copyediting for the project. You may also want a graphic design for the cover. SymbolArt can do it all for you.
Browse through to see other examples.  

          Partial Client List
                    ACT 2 Theatre Company
                    American Refrigeration and Equipment Services, Inc.
                    Art by Crim
                    Art Effects Productions
                    Custom Furniture Design
                    Hartland Planing Mill
                    Garvin's ISP
                    Jean Battlo, author
                    Job Squad, Inc.
                    Landmark Studio for the Arts
                    LT Industries, Inc.
                    S5 Sports, LLC

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